Heath D. Alberts Addresses Represent.Us Rockford On Representation Day

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Our own Heath D. Alberts was honored to have been asked to speak at the Representation Day rally held at Veteran’s Memorial Hall in Rockford, Illinois by the Represent.Us movement’s Rockford chapter. Here is a transcript of his address:

When this nation was founded, a major facet of that founding was predicated upon the defiance of taxation without representation. In essence, if you were going to take our money, we’d like to have some semblance of a say as to where it goes.

Nearly 250 years later, we find ourselves facing this same demon. Only, this time, it lives within our borders. Boss Tweed – whose parents clearly hated him, because that name is just an open invitation for humor – once stated that he didn’t care who the people voted for, so long as he could pick the candidates. Over the decades, policies, practices, and rules have been put into place to curtail situations where the fundamental right of the common man to have a voice of his own could be perverted.

In my lifetime, I have watched a series of inexplicable events unfold that have led to the wholesale buying and selling of local, state, and national elected officials. Worse still, I have looked on as those manipulating forces proved to be both domestic and foreign.

When I thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, it did. Corruption consumed not one, but all branches of government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Collusion with special interests occurred. The rich got richer not only by their own laudable efforts, but by perverting the laws and statutes governing us all in such a way that they were not only able to make a fortune for themselves, they were also permitted to take some of yours and mine as well. When your leadership permits this, there is no longer a democracy. There is only tyranny and despotism. You may not choose to identify it as such. I do.

So recall today that the single thing standing in the way of the continuation of such practices is you. You wield a power that alone is a whisper. But when unified into a gestalt with others who refuse to accept the erosion of the country they hold so dear, it becomes a weapon the likes of which no other on the planet may combat.

Do not permit apathy or laziness to cloud your vision. You know what it is that you’re seeing. It is a crime in progress. It is lady liberty being raped; sold as a prostitute to the highest bidder. And if you permit it to happen, watching it, and doing nothing, then you are more worthy of scorn than the criminals themselves.

Elie Wiesel once said, “Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

Be the hero – save the day. Do what you know to be true, and right, and just. Because when you don’t, they’ve already won. And the next generation, and subsequent ones, will suffer even greater indignities and injustices based solely upon your inaction.


Ninja Heath D. Alberts’ new book is born today

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We had to put a weird link, because the Kindle isn’t married up to the paperback just yet – but both are in the link, if you scroll down. Click Here.

Coming soon: Ninja Dave’s first book!

Wanda’s Afternoon… Was Way More Interesting Than Ours

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Wanda Alberts & Vice President Joe Biden

Wanda Alberts & Vice President Joe Biden

Why, yes – that >IS< our very own Wanda, with the Vice President of the United States. (And, no – it’s NOT Photoshopped!)

‘Authors Interviews’ Interviews Author Heath D. Alberts

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A big thank you to Fiona McVie! You can find the complete interview here:


‘Vision & Verse’ Interviews Author Heath D. Alberts

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A HUGE thanks to Carol Kauffman and the folks at Vision & Verse for the recent interview! You can find it here:


Ninja Heath Does ‘The Joe Show’ On Internet Radio

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On September 19th, Ninja Heath was one of two literary guests on RASRadio’s ‘The Joe Show Live‘.

Topics of conversation included his books, his life in Rockford, and his connection to the show’s hosts.

The archive of the show may be found by clicking here (Heath’s appearance comes at about 1:29).

Digital Ninjas Media joins beta group for Ello

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Ello, the new social media gathering site is, currently, only in rough beta stages. Even so, Ninjas Heath and Wanda have found their way in, and are exploring. So far? Well, it’s in beta, and it shows. That being said, Heath is very excited about what it could potentially become, as yet another ‘freesource’ for individuals who require guerrilla outlets to brand, advertise, and grow a customer base.

One of the most significant items of note is the buzz that the site plans to be advertising-free.

We’ll keep you posted!